Site History
I originally had this site hosted on a normal everyday geocities account that had little bandwidth, space, and a very low data transfer limit. But because my site was so small geocities seemed to work just fine for the simple task that was needed. When I started the website my intentions were for it to be used by Equintium members who did not know a whole lot of HTML or CSS. Since then, it seems that I am now seeing my layouts on Equintium, The Ultimate Horse(which is has since closed), and even on Horseland every once in a while. I was amazed by how popular my little site had been getting but it unfortunately made my little site on Geocities unavailable during many times of the day. In an average day the website would have gone down about fourteen times before the day was over and it would only come back after about twenty minutes to go down again. Now, I am ever so thankful for the girl who is hosting my site.