Tables One
Tables must always have a width.
<table width="##">

Cellpadding puts a space between the text and the edge of the table. This especially is useful if you have a border and you would like to keep your text from running into it.

<table width="##" cellpadding="2">

Cellspacing determines how far apart each section is from one another but this is not necessary unless you plan to have more than one section.

<table width="##" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="3">

Border can be used in this table tag however I prefer to make my borders with CSS which is completely different. (Explained in more advanced sections.)

<table width="##" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2" border="1">

Okay, well, that there just tell you kind of what your table is going to look like. Now you have to add in

<tr>'s & <td>'s I really have trouble with trying to explain this part.
First off, 'tr' stands for "Table Row" so this means that this tag starts a new row in our table.
And 'td' stands for "Table Data" which is the place where you will put any of your information and what not - even images.
<tr><td> Work as a pair to open a new row and start the table. However, a <td> can often be found with out a <tr> This happens when you want to place a section beside another section rather than below it.

There must always be the same amount of

<tr>'s & <td>'s as </td>'s & </tr>'s.

As a basic rule, EVERY table must end with a

</td></tr> and </table>

For this section I suggest that you copy and past everything below into something like and then take a look at what I have written. It might help.

<table width="##" cellpadding="2"cellspacing="3" border="1"> <tr><td> This here starts your table, first row, and first place to put your data. </td> Ending the td but not ending the tr will allow me to put another section on this same row right next to this original one. <td> Opening this td starts another data section right next to my first one since there is no tr to put it on a new row. </td></tr> <tr><td colspan="2"> Now, with the closing td and tr I have ended that second data section and that first row. Opening a new row and a new data section(that is the width of two columns) is what I have chosen to do next. </td></tr></table> That last line ended that last data section, that last row, and the table.