Vada's Basics
For Bold Text use the following: <b>Text Here></b> For Itallic Text use the following: <i>Text Here</i> For Underlined Text use the following: <u>Text Here</u> One may combine any two or three of these if one wished to do so. For example:
My text is bold and underlined! <b><u>My text is bold and underlined!</u></b> To create a basic list like the following:
  • Lists
  • Are
  • Cool
    One must use the following to create the bullets: <li>Writing Here To center something use the following: <center>Centered Text!</center> To put a picture on your page you will first have to have it uploaded to a place like or Once it is there you will need to copy the URL given to you. <img src="the URL you copied goes here!"> The following only works if there is no conflicting CSS on the page already.
    I am red! <font color="red">I am red!</font> --Without using the hex codes one may choose from any of the basic colors for his or her font. Ex. (Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Black, Yellow, etc.)

    To choose different styles of font like I have done below you will need the folloing code:
    I am a differnt kind of font!

    <font face=""Courier New", Courier, monospace"> I am a differnt kind of font!</font> On top of that I am going to tell you can you can combine the color and the style.
    I am different kind of font and I am red! <font color="red" face=""Courier New", Courier, monospace"> I am differnt kind of font and I am red!</font> Or, let us bring back some of the very beginning steps and really make it special!
    I am underlined and bold! <font color="red" face="felix titling"> <u><b>I am underlined and bold!</b></u></font>